Caption this – 12 June

Caption this - 12 June

Caption this - 12 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 15 June

68 thoughts on “Caption this – 12 June”

  1. The pain you hide…
    Voices you brush aside…
    Get buried deep inside.
    One day they will rise,
    Breaking all disguise,
    Release them and be wise!

  2. Listen to the voices of your heart.
    They are very real.
    They are the real deal.
    But don’t be intimidated by what you feel.
    Be the one who decides,
    But listen to the voices that resides
    Near you soul side,
    As these voices decide your life ride…

  3. Every frame of our heart has different picture.Some are screaming, some yelling, some singing, some shouting…But all these voices create melodius music which motivates us to move ahead in life….

  4. The screams of suppression echo loud within me, releasing from the heart bounced by the fears, stay locked up inside me..

    Unable to let it out, has turned me blue..
    Noticed by none, but within me it signals to be fatal, and jumbled up me has no clue!

    Will I burst out and release it one day?
    Or, will it burst within me, taking me down the slay?


    Could you HELP as I am LOST..

    Now What, What’s YOUR SAY?

  5. I am confused.
    I tried to think, but I’ve lost my mind.
    I turned into my heart, but it kept shouting nonsense.
    I tried to listen to it, but it was filled with rage, sadness, and pity.
    I’m afraid I am about to lose something again.

  6. So many voices,
    Screaming all around,
    The sound of my hurt heart,
    Carrying out its part.
    Will anyone else hear it?
    I do not care.
    Getting it out of my system,
    That is all I care.

  7. A lack of love flow to and from your heart and brain can make you scream in pain over and over again.
    Only a few will see this
    as no one hears the silent tears that remain.

  8. The many faces of me.
    They are all me.
    Some are blue,
    And some, even I don’t have a clue.
    But, despite their miscellaneous hue,
    They are all true…

  9. So many voices
    In my heart
    And so many noises
    Play their part.
    There is no poise.
    It is a hard choice
    They scream from the inside out.
    Which one should I listen to, that’s the big doubt!?.

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