Caption this – 12 July

Caption this - 12 July

Caption this - 12 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 15 July

47 thoughts on “Caption this – 12 July”

  1. A prisoner of your own mind, desperately trying to escape the captivity of your insanity. Alas, there is no exit that will lead to freedom… until you slay the demons inside of you, once and for all.

  2. One may become a prisoner of their own mind , for they’ve stayed there so long outta feeling and be free from other unnecessary advice , critical judgement, mental and emotional abuse and manipulations, for within the mind you are freed.

  3. My mind wants to break free, it’s trying to make me speak out, I had to close my eyes so others couldn’t see the things I’m hiding, my lips sealed shut, not a word shall pass, only a tears sneak by, the salty water runs down my face defying me

  4. I am fettered in my mind prison.
    And where many thoughts force me to listen.
    That’s why I close my eyes,
    And my tears glisten.
    As the inner battle is hard,
    And I am struggling to find a clear vision…

  5. Trapped in my mind,
    Being held there as a prisoner,
    Reaching out for help,
    Yet not completely with confidence.
    Confidence, What an irony.
    The one thing I never have,
    The one I probably need.
    What do I know?
    I am just a prisoner of my own mind.

  6. The soul seeks freedom!
    Freedom from the prison of mind,
    Let me make my true self unwind!
    This calmness will open a gateway,
    And all the toxins will way away!
    The soul seeks freedom!!

  7. He needs to set his mind free, from the shackles that are leading his life as a decree,
    The calmness on his face is making it evident that he is not able to defy the norm,
    His tears appear like drizzles of rain as of now, but if he doesnt liberate his mind, will turn the silence into a storm….

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