Caption this – 10 July

Caption this - 10 July

Caption this - 10 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 13 July

51 thoughts on “Caption this – 10 July”

  1. and then I cut every fear and hesitation
    and flew away, away from everything that held me back
    I flew to become who I really am
    and I enjoyed every second of it

  2. Stop being someone’s
    And dare to cut all those
    Mandatory ties.
    Pulls you off from above,
    And this life is given to you
    just to find your freedom
    from all earnest chaos.

  3. No more a puppet will i act in the name of ‘destined to be’..
    With one’s deeds man can change even the pre-destined.
    Responsible will i be to watch my thoughts, words and action and take back control to re-do and correct my wrongs..
    I may not get the Un-done results, but will certainly rectify the damage, the harm…

  4. Wait!
    I am no more your marionette,

    I can’t further move according to your gesture;
    I’ve the complete right on me to set my future!

    I will live my life on my terms and conditions ;
    Not anymore on your actions!

  5. Beware of the upper hand,
    That influence us with a slave strand.
    All it takes is a cut
    To break ourselves free.
    We are all our own destiny makers
    Is what everyone should see…

  6. Be wise to people.
    Some will control you.
    Some will use you.
    But remember,
    The strings that control you now..
    May be the ones to kiss your ass later.

  7. “Wish me luck.”
    Oh but luck has nothing to do with it,
    It will require the stretching of muscles that have atophied,
    to release yourself from their control.
    Dear, Me.

  8. Change in the air
    And no one knows who’s in control
    You’re working so hard
    And you’re never in charge
    I’ve seen what you’re doing to me
    Destroying puppet strings to our souls.

  9. Not a puppet anymore,
    No, I have woken up.
    You can’t make me dance
    To your tunes, not anymore.
    The strings that you hold,
    To control me, I am severing it.
    Not a puppet no more,
    No, I surely have woken up.

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