Caption this – 1 October

Caption this - 1 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 4 October

119 thoughts on “Caption this – 1 October”

  1. Sometimes we hide ourselves
    Maybe because we are afraid:
    Afraid to face consequences
    Afraid to be judge
    Afraid to be rejected
    And most of all
    Afraid to face the real us!

  2. Life is a play. If you want a role in it, you should hide your true self somewhere safe. Make sure you’ll remember your hiding place. You won’t have the strength to perform everyday.

  3. Life is a play. If you want a role in it then hide your true self somewhere safe. Make sure you’ll remember your hiding place. You won’t be able to perform everyday.

  4. Each day he sat in front of the mirror, deciding which mask he needed. His blank expression was becoming more prevalent as the emptiness grew inside from denying his authentic self

  5. The mirror tells me my truth,
    I have lived a lie all my youth,
    I now gathered all the courage,
    I know how to deal with rage,
    took off all the masks that I wore,
    feeling free from every pore…..

  6. I had many faces,
    one for everyone,
    I lived a lie all my life,
    that’s how I dealt with strife,
    now I’m all alone,
    no one’s there
    to watch me moan,
    I feel blank, free to yank,
    all my faces, all the facades,
    I am me, after all those decades…

  7. My hollow sense on a painted Face
    Masks & manoeuvres my mental state
    I exists as different beings in parts & phase
    As I am a circus with plethora of emotions
    Breathing in a staged shelf of a self
    Bricked together by blood, bones & flesh.

  8. A daughter, a wife, a mother and a professional,
    All the spheres of my life have been incredible;
    So many masks I wear, but oh my dear mirror;
    Who lies beneath these masks, no one else but only you care…

  9. Everyday, we cover our faces with masks and create a false identity to try and impress everyone around us, but when we look in the mirror, we see the lies, pain, and truth we try so desperately to hide from the world.

  10. As we get ready to go on stage and perform for the world, we have to put our game face on. The question, however, is which face to wear? Why don’t we go as we are? Because it’s easier to pretend to be something you’re not than to be yourself.

  11. The show must go on, like life every day should be live whatever emotions we carry.
    We always play the game of pretending
    We always want to have a carefree life
    But true feelings can’t deny how our eyes show.
    Masks are our option to hide every pain we were going through this so-called…”LIFE”

  12. I have ONLY own one thing in this life, that is my Word.lf YOU don’t stand behind your words to others you have forfeited, Your Honesty and lntegerity.I wear no masks,l am either liked or disliked.

  13. It’s sometimes hard to know who we are when the masks come off…it feels like we are staring at a blank face. This is the perfect time to rewrite and rewire our truth. We are in control now!

  14. That is the problem with pretending for so many days,
    One day, you’ll sit in front of the mirror and gaze.
    And you won’t find yourself staring back at you.
    You’ll recognize facade and it’s hue;
    No longer the true you…

  15. I am an actor,
    The whole world is not my stage,
    Just my little world is,
    At times I am the king,
    Some times the jester,
    A wise counsel may be,
    An evil maniac villain I hope not,
    Whatever be the role,
    I play the one I select,
    My little world is my stage,
    Yes, I am an actor.

  16. Getting ready for the act,
    Selecting the mask,
    The one that I would use,
    For this scene of the play,
    The play called life,
    Where I survive,
    The every day grind,
    Putting on the mask,
    The one I select that day.

  17. I know I am not the masks I wore.
    But, I don’t know recognize myself anymore.
    I guess pretending has it’s price.
    And as I look at myself now, I know it’s not wise.
    I guess the true face would always suffice…

  18. At the end of the day,
    When it’s only you and your way,
    Not the masks you wore,
    Not the faces you faked,
    Can you bear to look at yourself
    Or would you fear how you have turned yourself?..

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