Caption this – 9 March

Caption this - 9 March

Caption this - 9 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 12 March

43 thoughts on “Caption this – 9 March”

  1. I was distressed,
    I was depressed,
    I was sad,
    thinking this is the end,
    what I didn’t know,
    while I sat and cried,
    that god is carving
    out my destiny,
    with a hammer and chisel
    in his hand…

  2. Be yourself..
    People will hate you while sone will love you..
    Don’t conform rather Blossom…
    Bask in the glory of who you are…
    There’s no other you therefore represent yourself well.

  3. Feeling discomfort, pain, anguish…?Opportunity is knocking!
    Time to work on yourself…
    Question every thought and feeling,
    You created them.
    The sculptor still has work on his sculpture…
    Be there for yourself!

  4. I am art in motion,
    Breaking every notion.
    The work never ends…
    Through life as one wends.
    Chisel, brush or pen…
    Time and again.
    Changing tools will set me free,
    Creating a better Me!

  5. Behind the dim of my own shadow,
    Self inflicting thoughts ached beneath my marrow,
    The torment and punishing pain like there’s no tomorrow,
    Oh ray of light please shine through me,

    Enlighten this poor soul to end my sorrow…..

  6. Conditioning a Person with a Chisel of your Thought can Ruin the Identity of that Being forever. Try to Refrain from such Indoctrinating Drills. It can Destroy the Essence of a Life. Trust me.

  7. There’s a crooked craftsman
    Lurking in the shadowy shade
    Who loves to manipulate my mind,
    When tends to burst my brain
    With a chisel in one hand
    And a Hammer in the rest
    He barges within my soul
    Transforming my inner saint
    Into a beast without a pure brain.

  8. Overthinking and believing others unduly will kill you even if you think you are sitting pretty in a safe place. People will shadow you and show their true self.

  9. Remember they are human beings. If you believe them and give them a chance to help you solve your problems, they will only make you more, by even killing you if they find a chance. So hammer or stammer, you handle your issues.

  10. It is painful when others change your personality in the name of sculpting you for the best version. The world cant give you the best shape you desired. Sea change is possible only when you handle yourself according to your wishes. Never believe the world and act before you become old.

  11. Change is never easy.
    But it is the only way to mould ourselves;
    To sculpt ourselves.
    It would hurt so much during the process.
    But when you get yourself together
    And see what you have improved.
    It would all be worth it…

  12. The worries, the miseries,
    The sadness, the problems,
    The things that life throws at you today,
    Not to make you a victim, oh No,
    But to sculpt you,
    To get you into the best possible shape,
    For handling what it would send you tomorrow.
    Life’s lessons, they are.

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