Caption this – 9 April

Caption this - 9 April

Caption this - 9 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 12 April

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  1. Let the bird of money fly
    Away from your mind now
    Whole life you spend in
    Keeping him caged
    Just to live life
    Now its time to
    Live for yourself
    Without any burden
    Of money bird in mind.

  2. Material things can be with you only till the grave,
    It is the virtues that you should crave.
    They will live beyond your physical self,
    As virtues are your conceptual self.
    So, break free from the greed,
    To feel freed!

  3. He started thinking about money, and the things he could buy, like flowers for the wife, and things on the fly. Behind the flesh of his face, where things made sense, was the hinged entanglement of a barbed wire see, he felt trapped in his mind, by his physical loss, limitations of an income, or how much things cost. So he sat and envisioned things just because, still holding onto the way things used to “was”

  4. Set the bird of your soul free to achieve higher wisdom!
    The wisdom that connects to divinity!
    Don’t make it slave of the limited thinking of mind!
    Set it free beyond what five senses can sense!

  5. Once you set your mind free from believing that money equals happiness, your heart will truly smile from the priceless little daily gifts you might otherwise take for granted.

  6. Thoughts of wealth and influence began to make sense, but the trappings are as binding as a barbed wire fence. Always in my head, with a dollar on my mind, trying to find an easy way, to commit some petty crime. Old age is taking over, and the dream of riches dead, is as good a reason to undress, and put myself to bed…

  7. Old age is like an adage,
    Its acquired wisdom and
    Lived experiences are
    The real wealth and health.
    Remember, money can’t always be your honey.
    Minding your currency
    Stops you from going frenzy.
    Illness doesn’t make you dizzy,
    But ill-begotten money does make you crazy.
    Uncage your desires blissfully and
    Engage your soul gleefully.

  8. Caged thoughts,
    Torment us lots.
    Set them free,
    One two three…
    Snip the barbed wire,
    Watch them fly higher.
    Health or wealth, let it not haunt…
    Watch it manifest, whatever you want!

  9. Set free the bird of greed and lust nesting in your head.
    Let the bird of happiness and freedom find ingress and make space, instead..

    Money may buy materialistic happiness, but it lasts temporarily and brings with it uneasy stress..

    Attach your self to real and unforbidden joys, which may be tiny, but are absolute.. Not dependent on achievements or using might.
    Rather they teach that success lies in a journey, in the depth of learnings you make.
    What wisdom teaches, money can’t buy, so choose the expansive, than opting things with limited timelines.

  10. The material things, such as money will give pleasure.
    But it would soon turn into a pressure.
    The passion, love, beauty, romance would suffer a fissure.
    There is more to life than money.
    So beware and take measure.
    To love and be loved,
    That’s the life’s greatest treasure…

  11. Break free from Who You Are, before Society told you what to be, and think.
    Money does not make the man..
    The man makes the money.

  12. With age, comes wisdom
    The materialistic pleasures, that cage us in our youth,
    Will eventually find their way out when the senescence arrives,
    Let all the fake pleasures fly away,
    Because real treasures that are meant to be will always stay~

  13. Don’t be so ambitious about money.
    You may be driven to commit a felony.
    In the run for material things,
    You would forget about your wilful wings.
    So free your mind.
    From the money’s bind.
    Learn to love,
    And to be kind.
    That’s how true happiness,
    You would find…

  14. The thought of money,
    Let it free,
    Never be driven by it,
    Let it go bit by bit.
    Follow the passion,
    to do what you want.
    Don’t be in it for the money,
    But because you want to.

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