Caption this – 8 May

Caption this - 8 May

Caption this - 8 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 11 May

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  1. The use of anger in words is an arrow of fear directed towards the one who is near..but not dear.
    You need to know you have your own bow. Deflect emotions that are not yours and be true to you.
    Restart the wounded part of your heart and soul to show the shield you weild.
    You have no need for arrows as you
    understand their pain.

  2. Your words were like daggers into my heart
    You then would act as if i was the one at fault
    It has taken time but I am finally free
    From the pain your words
    Shot straight into my veins
    But like a drug, I finally let you go
    Now I am whole
    Even stronger than I was before

  3. Watch your words,
    For those can scathe or heal a heart.
    After leaving the bowstring an arrow never returns to the sack,
    And my friend,
    Once spoken, your words cannot be taken back….

  4. Words are like bullets or rather piercing arrows once released can never be recovered. It can scooth or ache… Be careful with your words. Kind words costs nothing.

  5. At me, you throw your atrocious words.
    They strike at my heart, making thuds.
    I surrender with a bow,
    But, this is only for now.
    I will rise again, soon.
    And teach others, how to stay calm when words are thrown at them, by a loon.

  6. The Man in a veil who croaks like a frog
    Spits splintered venom
    From my Dingy Den nonstop.
    He trolls & toads the timid You inside
    Piercing through your Senses
    With his voiced sense of vile.
    Stay weary of him & beasts who live.
    They feed on your joy,
    Making you sad & sick.
    Try to keep folks like them aside.
    “You are Unique & Extraordinary.”
    Seed this Fact to your mind.

  7. Injure me such that I heal and forget.
    Not by words, piercing and parting through my soul..
    I love you, to do deeper hurts much less, than to be abused, leaving me in a life hollowed with regret..

  8. Anger may shoot up or settle,
    Mood may swing high or low,
    A feud may arise and pass go…
    But the sharp edged words used in such moments, invisibly pierce through the receiver, injuring for a lifetime.. memories of which will never pass, fade or go…

  9. Unlimited word arrows we can shoot.
    But know that with the same we can help the heart reboot.
    Think before you shoot.
    And if it bleeds the heart,
    Then there’s no good.
    Don’t let the words part from the mouth.
    But if it does the healing art.
    Then that’s a good start.
    In helping a broken heart…

  10. you may not even think twice..
    before shooting the words of spite..
    the one who hears may bear a heavy price,
    you may speak and forget but,
    the heart that hurts remains shut..
    cutting through like a hundred swords,
    broken due to your thoughtless words..

  11. Verbal abuses are the bitter side effects of sweetnothings. None can escape the arrows of evolution of love that hurts every day.

  12. Words are like arrows. Once loosed, cannot be retrieved back. So be careful with your words. A string of them may not mean something to you but for someone else it may hurt for lifetime.

  13. The things that you say,
    Shoots arrows my way,
    No way to escape them,
    Oh, they are tinged with venom.
    You might know it yourself,
    Not that it would bother you,
    Your interest is in saying it,
    Not in how it is killing me bit by bit.

  14. Your words may of meant nothing to you but they left an aching pain in my heart. They fell from your mouth like nothing at all but instantly hit my heart and left scars so deep inside of me.

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