Caption this – 8 March

Caption this - 8 March

Caption this - 8 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 11 March

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  1. Your may fake your affect with your deceptive smile;

    You still couldn’t change the fact that the your inner child is grieving from within….

  2. …but deep inside, the child in me is still alive.
    I’ve learned to put up a smile just to survive.
    But one day I shall embrace the child inside.
    With the love and courage my colorful journey may find.

  3. My way of masking is a smile
    At the core of my being, i am but a lost juvenile
    The world does not see my vulnerability
    The show I put up is a fake presence of my vanity
    Life goes on… Life goes on…
    Deep inside, I fight the battle of Armageddon

  4. That inner childhood trauma is always on your mind silently crying for you to learn how to heal the pain you feel.
    Instead you continue to hide with a smiling drama of false pride. One day you will be forced with the difficult task of removing this mask to be real.

  5. This picture captures the rawness of who we are. Our adult selves functioning and presenting to the world the illusion while the inner child struggles with its wounds. As the saying goes “we are all children walking around in adult bodies. These wounds can be healed if we choose to do the work that is needed and to learn to embrace all aspects of who we are on the inside. May we all be healed from our inner struggles .



  6. I was happy long ago when I was a boy,
    I never thought this happiness would be destroyed.
    But I turned into an adult with a fake smile,
    although I wanted to be small again all this while
    because only then was I ever true,
    sincere, kind, whatever I went through!
    But growing up has one defect,
    life hands you thousand masks, amongst them all you can select.
    So while I display my perfect life,
    the small boy’s heart is pierced with a knife.

  7. The cost we pay for the fake smiles of adulthood,
    is the innocence and freedom of childhood gone,
    I often wonder~
    Is adulthood really worth it?????

  8. I have grown up, yes.
    But not the child in me.
    I have adjusted to the world,
    But not the child you see.

    The smile I wear.
    Is not real, oh dear.
    To please others
    I hide my inner tears.

    I have sat with the broken.
    Been there to cheer them up.
    But I never felt better.
    As I never cared enough for myself.

    I guess I should embrace
    The child in me.
    And then go on with the world.
    As I learned to be me…

  9. The little lost child
    With a teddy by his side
    Hides in a locked space
    Behind a cloud of smile.
    His replicated man of a self
    Plasters a glee on face,
    Reflecting an adulterated sense of loss
    Till whose eyes the smile won’t stretch.

  10. child of mine you are always on my mind. When I think of you I smile. I know you miss me when I am gone, but please don’t be sad. I will be back and we will both smile again.

  11. I’m only laughing on the outside, my smile is just skin deep. If you could see me inside I’m really crying, you might join me for a weep. #Can I use this Joker Quote?

  12. Smiles on the outside
    For the entire world to see,
    Happy go lucky attitude,
    to put on a show for others.
    Yet, part of an unfinished childhood,
    Rests deep inside me.
    The part I go to,
    Whenever I am alone,away from the world.

  13. Anxiety and depression on the inside and laughter on the outside so nobody knows how you really feel. A man on the outside and a mixed up boy on the inside.

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