Caption this – 7 May

Caption this - 7 May

Caption this - 7 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 10 May

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  1. I’m burning my way back, I may not know what the future holds, my actions may seem too bold, But this time I won’t crack, I’m making sure there’s no turning back

  2. The ladder of opportunities are often missed beacuse of our interim desires;
    It’s too late when we realize what we actually burnt in the fire..

  3. Maybe he ladder is useless. Maybe it’s a cliff behind that wall down into a jagger rock edge over a deep sea. Maybe he really just don’t need it. Maybe the there is no green grass on the other side.

  4. You had the only chance to escape
    But you preferred to burn the staircase
    Now you are warm but still in prison
    You and yourself for many days

    You had the chance to set you free
    But even freedom scares you now
    Because your heart has not the flame
    It cares for when and not the how

    You have yourself only to blame
    For having chosen the external flame…

  5. Instead of thinking outside the box just think without the box and stop burning your bridges for temporary comfort because it will cost you chances to succeed in the future

  6. Beneath a scape of sky & dreams
    I live in a labyrinth of dark mysteries.
    I break all the pillars walled around
    For I fear for the stars & the unseen clouds.
    I hear to the silence breathing beyond the wall
    My fear to seek forth is my enemy after all.
    But I love my cocooned darkness cause it offers peace
    What I see is everything, that in essence exists.

  7. On your climb to the ladder of success. .
    failures, mistakes are constant occurrences.
    Don’t be discouraged. .don’t surrender!
    Keep burning the desire to pursue. .
    goals, dreams are achieved through persistence.

  8. To learn to fly one has to be in the dark, in the bone crashing cold, to believe in yourself & not to the fickle opportunities laying before.
    For those who know this, there’s always a path to the open sky.

  9. Those who know it well that it’s a death trap and are unwilling to come out of it are known as pleasure-seeking human beings that we are all in one way or the other!

  10. Your trap gets deeper and deeper the more and more you underestimate the power of your resources which you wilfully waste as you are overconfident.

  11. Addiction to temporary pleasures at the cost of your resources begins as campfire and engulfs you even before you feel the warmth of it and realise that it’s actually wildfire. You’re not a moth. Beware!

  12. I was offered opportunities galore,
    I have only to blame myself for my failure,
    when others were climbing up on the ladder,
    I was busy ruining my chances forever..

  13. You can chop off the rungs of the ladder of your success,
    Sure, it will save you from the mess.
    But, success in the long run,
    Is better than comfort in the short one.

  14. It was just so cold,
    And to be warm, I did something so bold.
    I embraced the chances in front of me,
    But only later I realized you see.
    That I failed to examine carefully.
    And acted so soon gleefully.
    I forgot about tomorrow
    And that brought me more sorrow…

  15. You had the chance to improve but you chose to put a barrier around you. What happened? Why did you end up like this? Your dreams have value! Rise up! You can do this, I know you can. There is always another way.

  16. In hindi ‘apne paun pe kulhadi chalana’ means rolling axe on our bare foots. This picture depicts a common problem of ‘SHORT SIGHTEDNESS’ and keeps people holding back all the times.

  17. That’s what wrong with people nowadays
    They are simply wrong at the base.
    They go for what’s temporary.
    And fail to look at the long term.
    The chances are present for everyone to groom.
    Don’t exploit them so soon
    For temporary happiness.
    Think for future.
    Endure the present torture.
    And you shall be saved from your doom…

  18. Do not cry over what you cannot decide and control.
    Appreciate what you can choose to change…
    Getting a life is beyond our control, Making a livable one is Our Choice.

  19. Life is given by Him,
    Opportunities come with Time,
    Choices are made by Us.

    A right choice can help you reach the sky, a wrong one may turn the smooth earth into a hollow.

  20. Ignoring the long term gain
    For something that’s at best, a quick win,
    Not the smartest move around,
    Not gonna make your life sound.
    At times though, what’s important
    Might be the quick win and not the other,
    Case to case weigh your choices,
    Pick the best one as per the need.

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