Caption this – 3 March

Caption this - 3 March

Caption this - 3 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 6 March

53 thoughts on “Caption this – 3 March”

  1. I love your manly embrace
    resting my head close to your face
    feeling your heart beating for me
    your arms not releasing me makes me feel free.
    Even if it’s for a minute or maybe even less
    I love to be a prisoner of your caress
    and when you finally let me go, with a kiss,
    I want to hug you again, and stay forever like this!

  2. A charging device…
    My little paradise,
    Your Hug to be precise!
    A point of salvation…
    When I’m drained with frustration,
    Time for a hug and some rejuvenation!

  3. You are my only source of energy ,said she
    He hugged her warm and tight making her feel charged up
    She felt his strong love for her as she felt re-charged not realising she was also his battery

  4. At my high potential,
    i energize you to the pinnacle.
    At my low potential,
    i always expect you to refill me
    which you often not realize,
    i keep draining and draining,
    degrading the love in me for you…

  5. Sweetheart, it is your Midas touch that keeps me warmth all my life. Hence, keep me tied with your love. And so long as i breathe, i will never breach my love for you.

  6. A hug in time saves us for the day! Nothing can drift me away from you, as our soul connectivity remains anchored well in our hearts.

  7. When my battery drains,
    You charge me with your love.
    Never I have given a thought,
    What it does to you.
    All it takes you is a hug,
    to power me to my fullest.
    A request from the bottom of my heart,
    Never lose yourself for me.

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