Caption this – 27 March

Caption this - 27 March

Caption this - 27 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 30 March

57 thoughts on “Caption this – 27 March”

  1. Pull out all the negative desire
    YOUR mind is fully messed
    Blast yourself
    Untie yourself from your desire
    Be open minded
    Don’t be tied up

  2. I saw the drama that they were creating,
    it manifested in my mind as a black painting
    displaying everything black ,and also nothing at all;
    containing gossip, and all the lies I’ve been told.
    To break this deceit I just cut out the rope
    which they pulled. Then they just
    withered away as I’d hoped!

  3. I’ve seen them pulling the strings
    when they filled my head with different things
    designed to cause chaos and much confusion;
    the presence of these puppet-masters was just an intrusion.

  4. I drew, I scribbled to release all my stress and thoughts, but came out this and I knew, I only knitted the stressful thoughts.
    So I breathed a sigh, deep and loud, and sat back looking into the greens hearing the cow’s “Maooo”..
    I smiled at myself, for the mere realization had made the stress vanish..
    I knew then that all if it, the happiness and stress are within; and only I can manage..
    I gave up that day to blame the outside for all, and changed my attitude to see brighter in and out, after all!


  5. Overthinking is a full time job,
    And it will rob…
    All your peace and sanity.
    You can redeem your serenity!
    Shift your focus from what’s absent,
    To what is present.
    Pick wisely!

  6. I have no right to hold you tight. Your twisted thoughts are yours to feel. They are real. Fly high or float free until you can think clear with no fear.
    You will feel me near.
    I will not let you fly away in such disarray.

  7. More or less,
    We are champions at creating such a mess.
    Overthinking all the time,
    Without reason or rhyme.
    Your mind is not a gutter,
    Please declutter!

  8. Let me help release some of your disorderly anxious thoughts by carefully pulling out a few stubborn traumatic knots you have twisted inside your head. I will be loving and gentle and kind. Together we can clear that fear from your mind.

  9. How do I express this feeling of mine?..
    Where only chaos and confusion comes to dine.
    Together they mix and grind
    In my miscellaneous mind.
    I should probably unwind
    Had enough by letting them intertwined…

  10. Abstract comes to mind, confusion follows hence, when trying to clear my head, and somewhat making sense. My teacher called my name, to come up to the front, to figure out a problem, in words so very blunt. I cringed, as I rose…. the snickers I could hear, of children laughing at, the clearness of my fear. I learned I had a problem, my teacher told me so… dyslexic was my problem, when told I had go….

  11. Raveling in its leisure pace,
    My thoughts are a havoc, the mess I’m in its place..

    Groping alone in the darkness of heat
    My sanity yields for an ease the thoughts deny..

    As insanity creeps it’s way through the doubts, insecurities and all..
    I’m holding on to the remain of what’s left…

    Tugging at its ties I cry in help,
    I cannot hold anymore help undo me of my misery..
    the last piece of my sanity,
    For I am at your misery and at yours for all..

  12. So tangled are the knots in my mind.
    And it becomes more clear when I unwind.
    Over thinking everything
    Leads to a mess.
    Unraveling those thoughts would make it less.
    An answer at last, after the chaos.
    A result at last, after a cause…

  13. Unravel the thoughts in my mind, and travel through time. For time is what they are. These thoughts are near, and far. Tied to each other with a thread, I carry each one to bed. They are my company, on the nights where I become so very lonley. They accompany me through the night, until the dawn with its light. One thought to the next, a quiet mind I can only wish to be blessed. Unravel the thread of this mind, I will cherish you for all of time

  14. Pulling the strings of my mind
    Making it dance to your tune
    Is that what is on your mind?
    Here I thought, you were my boon.
    Good thing though, to come out of this,
    Untangling the knots present in me.
    The unintended consequence, it is,
    I would take that with absolute glee.

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