Caption this – 19 April

Caption this - 19 April

Caption this - 19 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 22 April

25 thoughts on “Caption this – 19 April”

  1. A heart made of metal
    So I don’t have to feel.
    A heart that’s as cold
    As pure steel.
    All the gears work,
    A little too well.
    For I love so much
    My life is a living hell.
    I oil this heart of mine
    With a love that’s pure
    But no love ever comes back
    No one loves me, of this, I’m sure.

  2. The heart is a machine that requires regular maintenance . Keep it lubricated with the essential oil of human kindness and it will continue to run strong.

  3. I run the machine. It does not run me.
    Every tick in rhythm with infinity.
    It does not stop. It will not slow.
    Not until the day I let it all go.

  4. My metal heart is made up of steel.
    Yes, it runs on fuel,
    Please don’t make it feel,
    And stir the inner duel.

    The inner wheels had always made sense.
    But the touch of love made it tense.
    I believed love was never my cup of tea,
    But now, as my heart beats to the wishful thoughts of “we”,
    I doubt if I would ever be the same me.

    This machine life’s my nature,
    And I am a machine, not a creature,
    Leave me or it will be a torture.

    I plead you, don’t come near,
    Oh please don’t, dear.
    The cold wheels of my heart,
    You will hear and fear.
    That’s me, darling,
    You wouldn’t survive
    And I couldn’t revive and rejuvenate.
    Sorry, you can’t be my mate.
    That’s how it is,
    That’s the fate.
    Go away before its too late.
    I was never meant for love,
    Go away, my dove…

  5. Ting…tang….trickle, I was becoming …fickle…. My beat was off…My rhthym too soft… No thump..thump…thump….but now…you see, they cranked me up….with that oil…. touched by the love pump!

  6. The working of the heart,
    That’s an art.
    With arteries and veins,
    It plays its part.
    But we, due to our machine life,
    Has got it working in vain.
    Won’t remain intact for so long,
    Would get rusted and wasted soon.
    But if it beats to the love’s song,
    That will keep the heart strong.
    And love is the only boon.
    Though with each beat, we are closing nearer to the doom…

  7. With a machine heart in ur chest,
    The life of the spirit knows no rest,
    Substituting love, with work and fuel~
    Isn’t the world getting more cruel??
    With mechanics ruling,we have spoiled what was simple and pure,
    And simplicity lost has no cure,
    No time to heal, no time to feel,
    Hasn’t advancement cost all of us a heavy deal???

  8. Oh, mechanical hearts! When will the madness stop! Reprogram the mechanics of your beating heart. There are no ticks and no tocks. There is only the pure love that you are.

  9. The oil of love
    To smoothen the creaking part
    For the machinery called my heart
    It could take all you can give.
    The only question though,
    Should the love come from outside?
    And risk being taken for a ride.
    It would really help, if I know.

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