Caption this – 14 May

Caption this - 14 May

Caption this - 14 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 17 May

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  1. Seeing you trapped in technology makes me upset. Your world has started to limit to the gadgets. But, my world at the end boils down to you. I will shamble these boundaries which have surrounded the addicted you, wipe off this addiction and give way to a freer you, the one whose wings were clipped but will now wait to soar.

  2. From another perspective, this is kinda what it looks like to raise a child on the autism spectrum. My son has, what was formerly called, Asperger’s. For him, his boundaries must be clearly marked and strictly enforced or he loses to his impulses and acts without thinking. Further, having a digital gaget help him to focus his overly busy mind. Especially puzzle games, math games, and geometry or maps. The people in the background represent the judgement of the public who don’t necessarily understand what they’re seeing; an overprotective parent? A coddling parent? Or someone who has to help their child live under a strict regimen or else he loses control and becomes destructive, self harming, etc.
    Autism is tough to work with, and there’s many facets in caring for someone on the spectrum that may look strange from the outside. Not to mention that while certain constants remain, it’s such a broad spectrum that everyone’s autism is different.

  3. Let him breathe,
    let him grow,
    let him be a learner,
    don’t stunt his growth,
    don’t live his life for him,
    he’s your child,
    not a prisoner..

  4. Don’t show your care and love
    by imprisoning your child
    in boundaries,
    give them roots of good values,
    give them wings of hopes,
    and let then fly on their own…

  5. Demands of a career. .a focus more given by a parent. .
    quality time most needed by their children . .
    neglected in the process of their growing years!
    A big question?!. .who can he be in the future?!

  6. A sheltered nurturing of a parent to her child. .
    confined to his gadgets, assumed to be his comfort zone. .
    MUST NOT BE!. .must be exposed to the world. .
    to know what and how life can be. .
    enhancing his growth, an independent normal way!

  7. Over protecting the child,
    Setting its boundaries too close,
    Distracting it with gadgets,
    Not allowing it to be free.
    Way more harm it can cause,
    Than the good it can do.
    Care for the child, only to protect it,
    Not to suffocate it.

  8. The parents nowadays
    Are busy in so many ways.
    Gives something digital for the child to play.
    And the child will be stationary even for one whole day.
    It’s good that this method kills time.
    But what if the child grows up mime.
    The world around, the child doesn’t see.
    I worry how and what the child will grow to be…

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