Caption this – 14 April

Caption this - 14 April

Caption this - 14 April

Wisepick for the image will be published on 17 April

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  1. Your art work caught my attention for a very personal reason! I hope you don’t mind me using the art work for my own personal use attached to a poem I wrote.

  2. No pain no gain
    No risk no result
    Ignore her folly
    Adore her beauty
    Plant her in your garden
    She’ll remove your burden
    Pricks are her tricks!
    Better know the tips
    Make her blush
    Take her afresh
    Pluck not her
    Forget not to relish her
    Sweetness is her fragrance
    Don’t spoil it with your arrogance.

  3. If you accept her with all her Shortcomings; she’ll bloom.
    If you dissect her and scorn
    Her follies, she’ll prick you
    And make your life gloom.

  4. I bud I am in bloom,
    but my insecurities
    put me in gloom,
    the world sees
    the delicate petals of my vista,
    but fail to see
    my body, my being and my heart,
    pierced by a number of pointy thorns..

  5. No beauty comes without fault,
    I’m rose faced, but to save my beauty,
    my dignity and my respect,
    from any assault,
    I had to cover my body
    with pointed thorns,
    and those are by protectors,
    that my body adorns…

  6. Women are like roses are beautiful and delicate like her petals she has many layers to her soul as does the rose before it opens to the world from its tightly closed bud now if you’re careless with her you may find yourself scorned by the thorns that guard her

  7. She was attractive, not because her face was as beautiful as a rose, but because her self-respect protruded like thorns !

  8. She has flowers and thorns
    She is both good and bad.
    Don’t judge her soon.
    You don’t know the past she had had.

    She was different back then,
    Full of fragrance, kindness and love.
    Some monsters came,
    Made her realize she had to be a badass dove.

    So to protect herself,
    She grew some thorns.
    She knew they were necessary
    To keep away monsters from her lawn.

    But she still kept her roses.
    Because that’s what she really was.
    If no one saw them,
    It’s their loss…

  9. Every rose has its price.
    Having thorns doesn’t mean it’s not nice.
    They say, what’s in a name,
    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
    For me, it was her thorns that made my heart skip a beat.
    It was her thorns that made me understand her beauty and heat.
    Yes, her flaws made me realize how beautiful she is!..

  10. Thorns lay beside her; she chose to surpass them all,
    Amidst the chaos and struggles, she chose to stand fierce and tall~
    She grew in all the places, people thought she never would,
    She proved them wrong and with held, because she could,
    She will be wild, difficult to find,
    Yet always gentle and always kind~
    No matter what life waters her with,
    She will not wilt with despair and gloom,
    Because she is a chaotic flower, Always and forever meant to bloom~

  11. She is beautiful, captivating, she represents love.
    And although she herself longs to be loved she has built up her defences to stop you getting too close.
    Oh the irony.

  12. You may take the bull by its horns;
    But you can’t take the rose by its thorns;
    It will prick your conscience,
    So let it bloom,
    Let it drive away your gloom.

  13. She is vulnerable and yet strong,
    Broken, still fighting against the wrong.
    Come near…
    Without fear.
    Her heart, loud and clear warns
    There exists no rose without thorns!

  14. I am a paradox,
    So unorthodox!
    Want friends but addicted to solitude,
    Suffered because of people and yet reaching out is my attitude.
    Attached and yet so detached…
    Nothing about me is mismatched.
    Like chaos and calm,
    A rose too has its thorns!

  15. She knows the thorns as much as she knows the flower.
    Without the sharp pricks all along the journey, she could never bloom to a rose and spread smiles.

  16. Rose as the first look,
    Thorns filled all around,
    Quite an interesting puzzle you are,
    The one I am trying to Crack.
    Fell for the rose,
    Never guessed the Thorns.
    Would that have changed my decision?
    No, Never, not at all, Not in a million years..

  17. Don’t pick her.
    For she will awaken.
    And daydreaming is the only Freedom that she knows.
    Let her Bloom for she’s a woman.
    Let her dream because she’s a child.
    She’s a free and gentle flower.. Growing wild.

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