Caption this – 10 April

Caption this - 10 April

 Caption this - 10 April


40 thoughts on “Caption this – 10 April”

  1. Folks ride on a carnival all juxtaposed
    To be slashed by a merriment of own’s wrongful accord
    Find the opaque halo, rinsed before a storm
    What looks sweet, isn’t always
    What going on, all along.

  2. Up, down, in and out.
    Strap yourself in good cuz it’s gonna be a bumpy roller coaster ride. Not many will make it to the end. But then again, it’s not about the destination, now is it? It’s all about the journey… this thing called love. I’ll hold on as long as I can, if you promise to, too.

  3. Tread gently
    or go with care,
    on the rollercoaster,
    of love,
    if you dare,
    be ready to fly high,
    dizzy and drunk on love,
    as you come down,
    It’ll crash you, crush you,
    and rip you apart,
    like a brokenhearted dove….

  4. Love:
    The ascend is easy for me and you,
    The descend takes two.
    Don’t let go,
    Or it will blow.
    Can’t blame the feeling, right?
    We didn’t hold each other tight!

  5. To fall in love is easy.
    Every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it.
    To stand against the bad consequences of love and consummate it is a Herculean task.
    Who are we?

  6. The merry-go-round of physical love dies. For, it goes on its merry way.
    But metaphysical love, in spite of merry-making, never falls off the Love Ladder and forever lives.
    The universe is their swing and they go places.
    True love never hangs in the balance.

  7. “we sometimes loose our grip when our lives goes downhill .. please , please , please trust it’s just a phase .. hold on tight , together we’ll face the bumpy ride of life “

  8. Hey hey hey!
    Love is no merry go round!
    Gentle and fun, turning round and round..

    Love is like the ‘ferris wheel’, mushy and exciting, as it goes up the crown..
    Know well for it will, eventually come down..

    Hold on firm to the hand you board it with, or else you may end up in a nasty drown..!

  9. Most of us don’t fall in love
    Because we love them.
    But because the idea of love
    Thrills us and fill us with joy.
    And a little way uphill
    That thrill goes away…

  10. Love’s not all the way uphill.
    It starts off with an ineffable fill.
    But as the ride goes on,
    The fresh love may be gone.
    Fights, misunderstandings and ego.
    All that would pull down love in one go.
    Love is not easy, but when it gets messy and greasy, only love will be the saviour, you see…

  11. Riding the roller coaster of your heart,
    Without a safety belt to hold on to,
    Definite risk of taking a fall,
    When it comes down after a rise.
    Am not the first,
    Am not going to be the last,
    Key for me is to not repeat,
    When I eventually move on in life.

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