I Cannot Listen, Poised To Strike

I Cannot Listen, Poised To Strike
Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

I cannot listen, poised to strike.
What you will say, I will not like.
Resentment has me closed and hissing
Perhaps there’s
something I am missing.

Rinku Shah

Listening is an art,
You feel the words in your heart.
Can’t control what you hear,
So let it be filtered, my dear.
Your attention determines the reaction
Just like mere words mean nothing
unless there’s action!

Karthik Parthasarathy

What you hear.
What is true.
Are both the same?
Maybe, May not be too.
The poisoned view,
Far from the truth.
Sorting the grain from the chaff,
Responsibility of you, the one who hears.

Anindya J Ganguly

The vicious & vile serpent
Spills venom within my muse
Spitting nagging lies
In my pit of a thought
Driving me into suspicious
Callousness, all confused.

Lavanya Raghuraman

Gossip stings the ears
of the person like
the venom of a snake.
Gossip is pleasurable
Only the venom is poisonous
and spreads fast.
The one in gossip is never the victim.
The one who hears it is

Divyansh Sharma

Rude and harsh words
can be poisonous,
they kill us

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