Can you read a Man in these lines?

Can you read a Man in these lines?

Can you read a Man in these lines?
That Pat on your back by your father,
What about those hands that provided you warmth during winters. One embrace by that tough body in your house, your brother, your father or your Love could have been the strongest sense of speech at the right times. Incalculably a man could express his thoughts through his actions, no matter how introvert a person he is. Their Love, support, encouragement, chivalry speaks volumes. A love and respect that is so tempting. I look up to those men who still believe​ in opening the door for a lady, to those who would teach boys to respect girls and then LOVE them,to those who believe in a voice so meek in silence which seems so unheard yet want to hear out. To those men of forbearance, you are a worthy need of the human race.
Rather than Men will be Men, I wish to say Men should be Men with standing to what they are worth for. The chivalry, the honesty and the gift that they are to mankind.
With all of us having journeys across your offices, seashores, continents, let us appreciate the effort of one man being a good example to us.
“These eyes desire to see that countenance of yours gripped in dignity and integrity. The want to see you perfected in your being. May every man on earth be taught to be one.”

-Agnes Xavier

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