I have been a member of 2 very different groups for the past couple of years- one spiritual and one secular. Both doing their best to bring radical change to our world.

I found much commonality between these 2 very differing groups of souls for many of the members in both groups have been on their path for many years and done huge amounts of personal development work and are committed to changing the world and, particularly in the secular group, in bringing more consciousness to the world of business.

Many have done lots of hard work and have been fearless in their search for the answers for how to make a rapid shift in a current chaotic and turbulent external reality in their own lives and in the reflection of the world of business

Most can see clearly what the problems are – out there 
Most think they understand why these problems exist 
Many have made incredible changes in their own lives but still there has been a sticking point.

How do we as a global community affect real and tangible change to the lives of many, our businesses, our communities, our world when faced with socio-political systems and corporate and financial systems that are based on profit for the minority?

How do we generate a more compassionate, kind, loving, sustainable prosperous and flourishing planet for all life?

How do we evolve our projects, work, businesses, enterprises, and institutions from old paradigm hierarchical structures to more equitable models?

How do we build true sexual equality and respect for the feminine energy in both men and women creating loving, kind, caring and respectful relationships in our personal lives, our work, our businesses, our communities and the global family at large?

It must be clear by now our earth is evolving and we are evolving with her. Whether we are aware of this or not it is happening.

In both groups I have worked with I have recently witnessed implosion of all that is out of alignment with the incredibly high frequency energies that are bombarding planet earth now.

This has resulted in the grand expansion of global consciousness that we can now see, feel and witness as her new energetic template is downloading and grounding. This is the same for all life on our beloved planet. We are upgrading big time even whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

This has also been referred to in many prophecies, and for those more mystically inclined, as the Return of the Christ.
The templates for the New Golden Age of Earth are coming in 
and this means anything out of alignment with these frequencies will be dismantled to make way for the new. It is happening now!!!

So what can we do to support this great work?

There is an unprecedented opportunity for us all to re define life on our planet. We can see the old breaking down before our eyes…..

The financial systems of the world are being derailed and decentralized by the new crypto-currencies and block chain technologies so money and how we exchange it the future are in question.

As profits are at the core of how most things are currently run on planet earth this technology will eventually affect all private and corporate business, all institutions and governments.

We are seeing the old patriarchal and hierarchical structures are being called to accountability where abuse of the weak and defenseless can no longer be tolerated and, the so -called victims are taking back their power rising up and speaking up-

Our relationships to each other our being radically reorganized as science is now fairly and squarely showing us unequivocally that we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.

Even the older spiritual teachings of transcendence are giving way now to the new empowered and embodied approach of integration. WHY? Because not only is this imperative for our own individual lives but also because we act as conduits to ground this energy and the information it carries and make it available for the planetary energy system.

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