Can astrology tell us what is written in our stars?


All features have been numbered (1 thru’ 30) just to emphasize that there were no concrete criteria based on which the features related to this house or related to all other houses had been assigned by them.

As it stands, the second house controls a person’s finances (1), material resources (2), attitude towards and the ability for earning money (3), type of his family (4), his ability to express his thoughts (5) and self-worth (6). It relates to the financial fortune, prosperity (7), the profit or loss of the person (8) and his tangible assets such as bonds, stocks, cash and bank balance etc (9). It includes the type of relationship he may have with his close relatives such as his grandfather, his grandmother, his mother, his wife, his children, his brothers and his sisters etc (10). It also represents the vision or the power of his observation (11). It is also one of the death inflicting houses (12) besides the 7th house (13).

The parts of the physical body governed by the 2nd house are tongue (14), nose (15), teeth (16), cheeks (17), chin (18), neck (19), throat (20) and the right eye (21).

As per Mundane or State or Political Astrology, the second house signifies national wealth (22), Exchequer (23), revenue (24), banks (25) and commercial affairs (26). It governs all the matters related to the food and family-welfare ministry (27) also.

Just think how they would have pitched upon such a list of features covered by various houses.

It couldn’t have had any logistic about it except that it may have been simply shot out in a haggard manner.

To find out the gross impact of all the planets residing in the houses that may be relevant to the query of the native (the person who may be seeking an astrological advice) they decided to identify what role the presence of various planets could have played on these features.

For instance, in case of the Sun occupying the second house, it was assumed by them that the native shall have relative success in the financial endeavor (28). He will have a generous attitude (29) and would be admired by his superiors (30).

Who can tell how they should have pitched upon such assumptions?

Just tell me – in what way, assuming that some of the zodiac planets should be “feminine” or “friendly” and some of them should be  “masculine” or “unfriendly” or things like that are different from telling anyone that children are brought on the earth by storks from the heaven?

I don’t deny that it may not be possible to find out what may be in store in our life according to our stars but who would ever trust a system that is just a weave of only brain-waves?

Though it is true – quite so many a times, astrologers make so true-to-life predictions that keep everyone amazed – how any such things could be at all predicted through a system that is wriggling with so many worms.

But such predictions, only remind us of the metaphoric “out-of-order watch” that is capable of showing correct time twice a day. Though it shows correct time twice a day it is of no use to us since it does not tell us that it is showing correct time when it may be showing the correct time.