I Actually Take Relationships Seriously


Call me old
fashioned, but
I actually take

42 thoughts on “I Actually Take Relationships Seriously”

  1. I'm old fashion about love being exclusive between two people alone. I'm not old fashion regarding relationships that doesn't work anymore but held on with the belief that what heavens joined together should never be broken.

  2. Having each other in. All aspects of whatever consequences is imperative . Let positive emotions prevail..That's all.Rest assured Loyalty existed.

  3. When we leave people behind in the journey of life, Are we in a way.. not taking them seriously ?
    Do you really not believe that we can at times, chose not to be together but love and respect each other – at the same time. ?

  4. @ tmj, he he he! really? so what kind of dinosaur are you? T-rex? oh! starts with a T, tmj! e connect lang Lol SMILE πŸ˜‰
    just wanna make you smile when you read my comments…It's a nice feeling when i am able to make someone smile even in my corniest little effort. he he he

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