Broken Heart!

Broken Heart

The pains and sacrifices made to love only one human,

Starts up with great intensity, ends up making both to be non-human.

Suffering from emotional trauma and pain heightens,

Since the feelings find no outlet, as the heart’s door gets tightened;

Friends and family come and sympathize with you,

providing no real solace or relief, only the sufferer knew;

The void in the heart gets painful with each passing day,

Comprehending, not the separation but the promise of false love that slays.

As soon as the person realizes, it’s time for penance,

The great Lord sends him a friend for convenience;

That special friend gives his time and knows the words to be spoken,

To the ones whose hearts has been broken.

Listening to the words of truth & wisdom,

The once broken heart learns to trust itself, and enters the Lord’s kingdom.

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