Breakthrough Essentials To Thriving

 September 15, 2016

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Find the beauty within.

Clear the clouds, stand in the masculine energy of the beaming sun, bathe in the cascading comfort of the moon’s feminine energy and with a whisper from your heart, speak these words, “Show me my freedom now.”

Find your version of this. Hell, try them all!! It only matters that you FEEL deeply and it resonates for you to work.

Stand in the church, hands raised high to the music evoking emotion and call out to Jesus to show you a salvation deep from within yourself.

Contort your body, bending your muscles in the exhalation breath of the yoga posture and utter the words, “Namaste” to surrender to the greatness of yourself and others.

Experience what happens, when we feel powerfully the forces circling inside us. Your freedom is RIGHT there.

I love you,

aka: Love Gangster

Buddhist Monk Praying

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