Breaking the daily routine – Mind Talk

Breaking the daily routine - Mind Talk

We all have tasks after work. But also those tasks can be sweetened. Realize why you are doing certain things.

If you are renovating your house, then realize that you are doing it for a reason. You do it to feel better in it afterwards. You have something to look forward as soon as its finished.

You have to fill in your taxes? Everyone has to. The universe is not punishing you. It’s simply something thats part of this reality. Do it as accurate but fast as you can. Afterwards you can proudly say that you managed it in no (1)

Everything can seem different as soon as we shine a different light on it.

If you shine light on it out of a negative point of view, chances are that things will take longer, be more difficult, more frustrating etc.

If you shine light on it out of a positive point of view, the things you have to do will not disappear. They will seem less heavy. You will feel that you accomplished something. And you will have more time to do some fun stuff in life.

Life is an adventure. You didn’t come into this life to work your ass off. You can here to enjoy the ride. Don’t let your daily tasks destroy the beauty and the miracles that are all around you.

It’s all a question of perspective.

Will you make this day a lovely memory or do you want to stay stuck in your daily routine?

Lots of Love,





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