A book lover and his soulmate, is none other than his playmate

A book lover and his soulmate, is none other than his playmate
Rinku Shah

A book lover and his soulmate,
Is none other than his playmate.
His first friend,
The one he hated to lend.
An escape from reality,
His time out till he
returned to normality.
Out on a date.
Till very late.
A companion for life,
Like man and wife!

Drishti Nagdeo

Hands in hands with knowledge,
I know I can cross any bridge.
Who says magic doesn’t exist,
When books allow time travel?
Oh, how can someone not marvel,
“How books are the most loyal”?

Esther Dawn Ramírez

You can’t see her the way I do.
That’s because I chose to read
many of her stories,
read between the lines of every chapter
And you chose to judge her by her cover.

Frankie Crabtree

Knowledge is power.
And with her by his side
There is nothing he can’t do.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Stands by my side,
A relationship with nothing to hide.
Always there when in need
Brilliant support system indeed
A partner for life
No chance for any strife
The best friend one can get,
Have seen no alternative yet.

Shambha Shivaa

With your company,
I am all ready to evade,
This darkness of ignorance..
I live a hundred lives,
I reach not so possible destinations..
As you empower me
with experience and aspirations.

Senthil Kumar

À partner, not an open book
Not the unread chapter,
Or a fairy tale story
A journey of tales,
With twists and turns

Hold her hand with both your hands,
Read her as you read yourself,
She makes you, she breaks you,
to become oneself,

Fall hard and she lifts you
Fly high and she holds you
Walk slow and she pushes you

A partner, not a book
with many pages
But a single page
in different books!

Sulekha Pande

My books,
take my hand,
and lead me,
to a faraway land.
My books,
are my best friend.

Debra L Laing

If thou wouldst assume
an intellectual role,
Wed unto books like a wife.
Books will sustain thee, nourish thy soul
And give thee a masterly life.

Shivani Mattoo

I will let you beyond all the borders.
I will let you feel all the emotions.
I will show the unseen.
I take you where no one can reach.
Once you hold me in your hands
I will never let to feel lonely

Dar La

will always be
your bestfriend.

Hitha Haridas

A stack of good books
shall hold you forever.

James Davis

Married to Knowledge

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