The art of pissing people off by telling them the truth. 

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196 thoughts on “Bitchcraft”

  1. There are very few people that mean that much to me that I would bother telling them the truth enough to piss them off. In my experience, most people don’t want to hear the truth about themselves and their actions anyway and when they do, they immediately become indignant and turn things around and play the victim, ie; “why are you doing this, why are you making me feel like this?!”. Ignorance is bliss, better to just leave people to live in their own deluded little bubbles where they are wonderful and it’s everyone else who has the issues.

    1. It’s crazy Cuz it just happened to me exactly the way you said it not too long ago…..the truth hurts. I’m not gonna waste my time being honest with people who think they are good enough to be criticized….smh

  2. Your game is a nice one…but try “Do not play all the time”; in that way, you won’t be emotionally attached. Others were a great USER, they used alot of you for their own benefit yet when they’re done; they left as if they’ve had a good life and never failed. Leave it on the box, leave it open;Before you knew it, everybody else fills it the way you knew it is. I left their boxes all naked open…They were making a Hell of a life for me. That’s the life they preferred, I’ve got mine to leave. At the end of the days, they were laughing and I am laughing out loud as well. Separate lives….

  3. I wonder why so many people prefer being “bitches” by telling the cold-hard truth when they could be *kind* by giving positive criticism. Seriously, guys, give it a try; it isn’t too hard! :/

  4. Humanity hates truth … they love to deny it and choose to live inside their own self made Lala land and join those who have same ideology …to feel safe in there and avoid those more likely hate who choose to tell the truth …. truth tellers are the enemy of society most unwanted people

  5. Telling people the truth is waring. They’ll dislike you for it. So what is the right thing to do is ask you? Stay quiet, for easy life? Or keep going, because history and the future demands it?

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