Between the Canal and the Pond

In between the canal and the pond, I climbed to the highest branch, of the tree that mom said you would be.It was the first time I really met you.
Remember that? Highest branch got me closer to your even for a moment alone for me to ask you a question from the bottom of my heart.
A sudden gust of warm wind on my cheeks told me you were there, It was our first time meeting.

We saw momma just down by the water incredibly lost, yet I am trying to guide her.

The weight of missing you is so heavy, guilt and shame clothed her body, but love for you warms her heart, you know better than anyone how far she has come since that night! She in falling in love with herself all over again.

She is stronger than ever, yet still so fragile, you would be so proud of her, I am!

I asked you a question that night. Baby, remember? i asked if you could love me more importantly, could you let me love her.

Asked you for permission to come into your lives, with that came promises.I hope you are proud of me. My love has been unwavering. my faith has been tested, but I’m not running.

Are you proud of me too?

When I see a pinwheel spin, I think of you. If I get lost,I’ll ask you to show me the way, remind her of the parts of herself that are so beautiful.

Day by day I feel closer to you two, day by day, I will fight for us to be happy until the day I finally get to meet you.

Gonna come see you.

Way up there is a spot not them swings girl!

Until then I am gonna come visit between the canal and pond, on the highest branch like always.

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