Best To Worst Sign To Crush On

Best To Worst Sign To Crush On

Best To Worst Sign To Crush On

1. Libra. best to crush on cause they’re sweethearts!!

2. Aries. yes, you always know where they stand

3. Leo. ‘crushes on you too

4. Pisces. genuinely cares about your emotional state & gives you cookies

5. Gemini. thinks it’s cool and hangs out with you a lot

6. Cancer. appreciates it v much and tries not to hurt you

7. Virgo. sends mixed signals

8. Aquarius. may act a lil cold because they dont understand WHY.

9. Scorpio. just ignores you or lets you down easily if they care enough

10. Taurus. says: aw. then: no. sorry

11. Capricorn. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW if they’re interested or not???

12. Sagittarius. don’t cling but don’t be cold. don’t be overbearing but don’t be detached, don’t overdo it but don’t give up. easy


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