Best Jobs For The Zodiac Signs

Best Jobs For The Zodiac Signs

Best Jobs For The Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Entrepreneur, Soldier, Rescue worker, Work well in the fields of Government and Politics, Television, and Recreation  

TAURUS: Accountant, Educator, Engineer, Lawyer, Designer, Landscaper, Chef  

GEMINI: Stockbroker, Switchboard Operator, Technical Support, Teacher, Architect, Machine Operator, Rescue Worker  

CANCER: Gardener, Social Worker, Childcare, Human Resources, Lawyer, Teacher, CEO, Soldier  

LEO: CEO, Performer, Tour guide, Real Estate agent, Interior Decorator, Fashion Designer, Government, Saleperson  

VIRGO: Editor/Writer, Teacher, Critic, Technician, Translator, Detective, Statistician  

LIBRA: Diplomat, Dancer, Salesperson, Host, Negotiator, Travel Agent, Supervisor  

SCORPIO: Detective, Lawyer, Educator, Scientist, Surgeon, Physicist  

SAGITTARIUS: Minister, Animal Trainer, Editor, Public Relations, Coach, and anything having to do with Travel  

CAPRICORN: Manager, Administrator, Editor, Banker, IT, and anything Science-related  

AQUARIUS: Scientist (if they can explore new theories), Inventor, Organic Farmer, Aviator, Designer, Musician  

PISCES: Artist, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Philanthropist, Veterinarian, Psychologist

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