Beloved Wordsmith

Beloved Wordsmith

In this hurricane of my own sorrows

i’m losing hope, drowning

instilling the seed of better morrow

just to realise i’m just dreaming
knitting my thoughts with torn words.

In search of healing ,to end this numb feeling .

at the edge of breaking

knew I had built house of cards,
his words soothes my wounded soul

he’s one of those knights in the shining armour,

boy ! what a charmer!

fairytales make your mind play foul

his shining armour, his rhymes

took away all reasons to scowl
Gentleman of words, wordsmith

wiser yet gambler of feelings

his words,you can live rest of your life with

because life’s all about unfair dealings
He’s one of those who makes you immortal in his rhymes

only to realise that stories

don’t last a lifetime.

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