Behind These Business Ties, You Don’t Know The Hidden Story That Lies

Behind These Business Ties,You Don't Know The Hidden Story That Lies
Sarrvesh Waran

Behind these business ties,
You don’t know
the hidden story that lies

M Jeyaram

They swindle our wealth,
They dwindle our health,
Monopoly is their strength,
Humanity is in deep dearth,
They smile, yet veiled villains,
They’re our curse and
They’re never our cure,
They’re our ‘corporal illness’
Called corporate cancer.

Samuel Jones

Looking stoically proud, to imprison the masses,
while picking their noses, and scratching their asses.
Inventing new laws to rape the land,
campaigning your vote, to shake your hand.
Promises to do, some of this and that,
holding clandestine meetings
with “frick and frack”

Sulekha Pande

The invisible claws,
are the modern laws,
the ties that rule the world now,
the monsters that are the rulers,
are crushing the mankind,
taking all thry can,
nowhere to escape,
nowhere to go

Sayeeda Pearl

Unsung heroes behind
the tall claims of
triumph and victory.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Those in power
Ruling the masses
Controlling them every hour,
Keeping them behind the glasses.

Ramya Raghuraman

Great leaders are born
When their fears are imprisoned by them .

Mai Quesada

The power of the wealthy reigns over the poor masses!


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