Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things For You

Someone Does These Things For You

8. Be with someone who is not afraid to accept you in front of everyone.

Be with a person who is honest enough to accept you as his partner in front of his family, friends, and grandparents. Be with a person who keeps a picture of you as a screensaver in their phone or wallet, a person who holds your hand or holds your waist when you are outside just to tell everyone that both of you are together.

Love that kind of a person who is proud to have you, and for whom you are not an option but the ultimate choice.

9. Be with someone who is consistent.

Be with a person who is consistent about putting effort; someone who helps you with the things you need. That person who thinks about your needs even before his own. Someone who emphasizes on your sexual needs too, and is not only concerned about their own satisfaction.

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10. Be with someone who is honest with you.

Love someone who is not afraid to show his emotions even if it means he needs to cry in front of you; someone who vents out all his feelings without the fear of being judged because he has that faith in you. Choose someone for yourself who is exactly himself when he is with you. No hidden truth; no secrets.

11. Be with someone who makes you feel special.

Choose someone who makes you feel like the most special person, who never misses a chance to compliment you. Even if you are in a room full of people, he often looks at you; someone who always prefers you to be close to you whenever you are together. A person who puts efforts to make you feel important in his life.

12. Be with someone who thinks of long term goals.

Be with a person who thinks of a future together just as you do. Be with a person who is serious and eager to settle down with you, a person who plans about marriage in an exciting manner as you do; a person who wants to spend the whole life with you. Whenever he talks about that, an unknown joy lights up his face.

Love someone who also thinks about long term goals as you do, and never feels apprehensive about serious things like this.

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13. Be with someone who loves you.

Love someone who is as determined and serious about his relationship as you are; someone who is dedicated enough, who means every word he says. Choose to be with someone who gives you the feeling that you are his forever, and considers his life incomplete without you.

So, do you have a special person like this in your life? If yes, then hold them tight, and never let them go, because you have truly hit the jackpot.

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