Be a man, let her go

Be a man, let her go

The worst thing that can happen to any man in this world is

to know that you are being hated by whom you consider the love of your life.

It is even worse when he doesn’t know the reason behind the refusal and his agony is like ripping the heart into pieces.

His rational mind says that there should be a strong reason for that but his loving heart is desperately curious to know that.

It may seem rude and indecent when the disheartened man tries to win her back by contacting her in whatever ways possible and thinking of making a new beginning.

But when all his efforts go futile ,with a heavy heart he decides to let her go and shows his maturity as a man.

Doesn’t he deserve a second chance whatever might be the reason for the rejection ?  

Doesn’t he has the right to know why he is constantly ignored ?

If he can show some maturity, will she reciprocate the same ?


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