As Your Vibration Raises, Forces Will Come To Work Against You

As your vibration raises, forces will come to work against you, they are afraid of your power, your spiritual awakening scares the sleepers.

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  1. The sleepers or those who are ”afraid ”of your power are of your own making .They are fears of your egoic mind which is afraid of dying.When you vibrate at high levels you are no longer trapped by your minds doubts,fears ,judgements etc.The ego would like to keep us living in a dream state where stepping out of our reality seems impossible .This reality which we strive and struggle to understand is of the mindscape,of a state of rationalized existence.The sleepers are not of religious explanations but of the egoic vibrational matrix.All of what we see and experience is illusional but is necessary for our earthly existence.To evolve one must accept an alternate reality ,a reality which is of another plane of existence ,a plane which is of levels of energetic vibration that is essentially our make up.Learn the difference between contrived religious existence and that which you are made of based in the genetics of our very universe and it’s function.