As You Sleep

As You Sleep


As you sleep my darling,

I feel the need to write these words

As you sleep my rainbow,

I question

how I got so lucky to have you?

As you sleep my light,

I watch you in the sunrise and enjoy every breath we take together.

As you sleep my saviour,

I thank you for saving me ….much more than you will ever know


As you sleep my angel,

You have been through hell, but still have a amazing halo of positive energy

As you sleep my beauty,

I think to myself that I have LITERALLY, never seen anything as beautiful as you.

As you sleep, I touch your soft olive skin.

Goosebumps arise on your arms and mine

We were meant to meet.

I challenge you every day to be the best version of yourself.

I never ask you to change into someone I think you should be.You Radiate


Positive energy,


beauty and  power.You are not defined by your past,

but are stronger because of it.

If anyone doesn’t try to empower you with positivity,

then they do not deserve your time or energy.

You are going to change the world..

You have already changed mine

I see you

as you sleep

my darling …

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