As I Learn More And More

Ceona Chambers

As I learn more and more,
at each new peek
I realize I still know nothing.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Rising above the clouds of doubt,
With the help of books,
A sure shot way to see the sunshine
To see the brighter side of life.

Nancy Shurkoff

Step by step,
Page by page.
The more we know,
The more we gauge,
The level of peace
We seek to find
Lies within the books
Of wisdom divine.

Sulekha Pande

I touch the sky,
I scale a new high,
reading gives me power,
the power of knowledge
takes me higher.

Atul Thakur

Our knowledge is
what makes us see beyond
and reading is best practice
to gain it.

Ceona Chambers

So many things
yet to be explored

Terri Simpson

Reading will help you rise above
to see the light.

Faith Dunsmuir

It’s amazing how far
your knowledge can take you
when you’re open to it.

Shan Basabas

Books feed the mind
The more you read
The higher your perspective

Barbara Bauer

Books can take you
to new heights.

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1 thought on “As I Learn More And More”

  1. Frankly, you know something but that’s not enough, because the world out there is constanty changing and dynamically evolving. One has to keep learning so as to know more. Your rate of learning has to be equal if not greater than the rate of change in your external environment, failing which your end is near, just as Neutron Jack a.k.a. Jack Welch once put it.

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