Apologies I Owe!

Her: You were too harsh and selfish! You could have given a hand. Not for me but for your future with the kids!

Him: I know, but I was making it hard on you to punish you for how bad you made me feel by leaving too soon! I was hurt and hoped to watch you fall and fail. I was avenging. But alas! Enough. I am no longer mad at you.

Her: Well, I left mostly to save you from all the pain you had to go through when you were with me. I left for the well being of our children. I left because I wouldn’t fit in and couldn’t breath.

Him: You see, you could have saved us all so many years of hardships if you would only apologize!

Her: I know I owed you an apology but I am also sure it is for very different reasons than what you want me to apologize for. And if every detail I took care of on your behalf, if every day I carried your burdens, if every good word I said about you behind your back, if every pound I paid, if every responsibility you neglected and I let you getaway with, if every time I didn’t ask you for what is mine, and if how I brought us those kids alone so well are all together not a big enough apology, I don’t know what is!

Him: I know you did so much and came a long way but no off course it is not the apology I wanted!!!!

Her: You see, this is exactly when too people fail to see one another! This is when each of them sees they are right and are right . but only them! This is when you want what you want how and when you want it! This is when you want to keep me but won’t let me be!

Him: Yes! May be you do have a point. I agree to half of what you said.

Her: Thank you very much! I am very sorry for the pain I caused you and I only care for the well being of our children. Now that we have it all laid out of our system; would you please consider not dealing with me as you ex-wife and start seeing me as the mother of your children? In my humble opinion… This is the only way we can both win.

Him: Will you marry me?

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