An open letter to people who love deeply

An open letter to people who love deeply

It’s crazy isn’t it .

The person you thought you could be with forever ,

Left you .


They left you so gently , the pain wrapped you up like a warm blanket .

They left you so quietly , you only heard their silent cries .

The world ended when they left ,

like angels suddenly decided to abandon you at the dark swamp .


However , you still hold up to them .

You breathe with them , sleep with them , eat with them , you even repeat the conversation that you used to have with them .

When you opened your eyes ,

It was just floating air and empty space .


It’s okay to pretend that they still live in your life , in the matter of fact they do .

They are part of you now .

Whoever you are today ,

are bits and pieces from the past and present .


They left ,

Yet they did not empty your heart .

Instead ,

They filled you up with love in return .

They gave you such amazing impact ,

They inspired you to be greater than yourself .


You loved them ,

And you still do .

You could never get over them because you don’t think you would ever meet someone like them anymore .


Trust me , when i say this .

Someone will walk into your life again ,

Someone who will love you as much as they did .


It’s okay to remain feelings for a person ,

stay put ,

not moving on  .

Because deep down we need a person in our heart to hang on to ,

To feel less shitty when you had a shitty day .

They might not remain a place in your heart as your lover .

But they are certainly not a stranger .

Their existence calmed your chaos ,

keeping the warm fire burning inside you ,

gently .


It’s okay to keep them in your heart .

But it’s important to not to let them affect you emotionally .

Remember who runs the heart ?

You .

You respect yourself ,

And you respect them ,

by not interrupting each other’s life .


Both of you might cross paths again ,

When the time is right ,

When the stars aligned ,

When both of you are ready for another adventure .


But meanwhile , keep your eyes and your heart open .

You never know who is the right one

until they choose to stay .


If this person ever came into your life ,

Send them blessings ,

And love , even if the love did not return .

A person who full with self love does not need the reassurance of love .


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