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An American Dream

An American Dream

The American Dream is a materialistic one.

We are raised to believe in it. To want it.

Raised to want the big house, the nice car, and all the things.

Our hearts desire.

But we can want, it’s okay to want.

To desire wonderful things.

If those things don’t command us.

Don’t control us. Restrict or restrain us.

If we don’t live solely for the pursuit of those things.

Material things made of matter.

Objects that don’t really matter.

Enjoy all the things your money can buy you. That’s okay.

But we need to evolve. Please.

Let us not spend (waste) our lives seeking gratification (happiness) in the form of…

Belongings, possessions. Stuff.

Let us grow and love and forgive.

Let us evolve. Please.

Learn to see yourself in your fellow man.

Because he is you.

His progress is yours.

And we are all in this together.

Breath, love, dream.


The world can be a beautiful place (home).

We will evolve. Life will rise.

And oneness will prevail.

Didn’t anyone tell you?

Life is but a dream…

An American Dream.