It’s alright because you’re all right – Mind Talk by Zee

It's alright because you're all right - Mind Talk by Zee

When he speaks and writes, and you realize it’s no longer about you.
It probably never was about you.
And it’s alright.
You surprise yourself because there’s no shock, no anger, no hurt, no pain.
Realization dawns that it was never you.
It’s probably because that’s what your head has been telling you all along and your heart has been prepping you for it.
Or the opposite could be true.
Your heart has been telling you, and your head has been prepping you.
Doesn’t matter really.
You’re still basking in the warmth of the sun, still loving looking at the fluffy clouds, still genuinely smiling.
You did not seek but was sought, and for that you will always be grateful, for memories were still made.
You lose a little yet you have not lost, and what loss there is, is not yours anyway.
And it’s really alright, because you are all right.

Written by Zee

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