Afraid of the Unknown

Afraid of the Unknown

Most people are afraid of the unknown, it’s scary and you don’t know what will happen.
But then there is some that are more open to the unknown.

We want and need security and most clarity to feel safe. But to settle for second best only because it’s easier is not a happy life at all.

When you let go and take on the unknown and let your intuition take over, trust your gut I promise you it will not lead you astray but into complete freedom.
From personal experience I can say that I had to take a deep breath and completely let go, to completely embrace the not knowing and just go with what I feel I must do to get to the next step. When you trust your intuition, that gut feeling you had, it felt right but you ignored it because you didn’t know what will happen, and so many times you have missed opportunities and open doors to your dreams and freedom. So now I am into the unknown and it’s a complete feeling of freedom.

Let me give you an example: A person in my life was verbally abusive towards me for many years, making me feel like what I feel or want doesn’t matter and also a burden, not going into the entire situation it’s a different article.

So you just feel like it’s normal and if you try and talk about what is bothering you or cry and so on, then you are oversensitive and so you let it continue and your self-worth is very low and you accept that abuse.

So for many years, I wanted to write a letter to that person, to give some piece of mind, the way I know will be effective. See I couldn’t communicate all this to that person because it will be dismissed by the individual. I will only be left feeling more depressed and worthless.Every time it was easier to just let it go, feeling like this now, I was scared of what a letter will do.

Taking that deep breath the day I leaped into the unknown, that was the first thing I did. In front of me the paper, and a pen in my hand, now letter you are long overdue and today I will write you. I don’t care about the outcome, I don’t care about what will happen, all I cared about was that it is the right thing to do for me. And since then the outcome was how it should be and better, you also get to know yourself, you will not believe what you can do when you stop being afraid of the unknown.

Having a goal is essential to be motivated, but to be motivated you need clarity and that does not mean you have it all figured out. It means you’re clear on the next step or two. Because you don’t currently know what you don’t know.

Imagine being on a treasure hunt, you are finding clues and guides along the way, this is the process and emotional experience of pursuing a big dream, who doesn’t like a good old treasure hunt? It’s exciting not knowing what you will find next, maybe you will find a new skill that you didn’t know you had, or you find out that you are indeed a strong and amazing human being.

Learning with a purpose “where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge where is the knowledge we have lost in information – T.S. Eliot”

What are you waiting for? Jump into the unknown and go treasure hunting.