Adjusting ‘who’ You Are, For Where You Need To Be

Jeffery Litts


Adjusting ‘who’ you are,
for where you need to be.


Andrea Lynn


Remaining neutral is just as tricky as picking sides


Rocio Alvarenga


At the brink of who I am and who I pretend to be.


Nora Knople


If you are not true to who you are, you will suffer in the barbs.


Johnny Lee Sears Jr


Life isn’t about which side 
of the fence you keep.
You can be a wolf, 
the fence or a sheep.
It’s about standing out, 
not fitting in.
You weren’t meant for
 either side of this pen.
Rajeev K Singh


Need and greed decides 
who is friend and who is foe,
This change requires overhauling 
from head to toe.
Knowingly and unknowingly 
crossing the fence,
Showing the enemy that attack 
is the best form of defense 
Karthik Parthasarathy


Able to see the wolf’s view,
Can understand 
the sheep’s concern too,
The perfect empath for the situation,
Caught right in the middle of the fence,
The only worry though,
Hope the fence isn’t too sharp.
Rinku Shah


Being on the fence,
Is not the best defence.
Choose your side,
Quick decide.
Loyalty to your tribe…
Is better than a temporary bribe!


Rajeev K Singh


To curb the deadly menace,
It’s inevitable to cross the fence.
The situation seems to be tense,
But adjusting accordingly what makes a sense


Hrisha Paul


I’m neither cunning nor naive, but both.
In attempts to fit in,
 I wore skins of all I met, 
and now standing midway 
suffering the sharp pain 
of hiding myself. 
Sherry Greene


We’re caught up in a fence,
Between predator and prey,
Darkness and light,
Wicked and divine.
Describes us all.


Cedric NaVon


Father God
Please protect me from my friends 
while I try to protect myself 
from enemies 
Jahmlex Jamal Getto


You can’t get help if you don’t decide who you are


Happy Honey


You become 
like the company you keep.
So be wise
And choose.

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