A Wish From My Soul

A Wish From My Soul

What do I wish for?

I wish to lay myself down and surrender to the earth and as I fall, she may catch me and let me slip into the sweetest, deepest slumber that refreshes and renews me.

So that I may wake with hope in my heart and clarity in my mind, that no matter where I journey, my ventures will fulfil and nourish me. Where the words I speak and the actions I take are carried out freely, fully and wholesomely, without haste or momentary pause.

Where I am so caught in the moment that time passes me by, but rich memories stay with me forever. I want conversation that rolls late into the night, yet there is still so much more to be said.

I wish for the simplicity to lay and wonder, to be carefree. To be contented and at peace, to find meaning by just being.

To be mesmerised by following my heart and giving in to what unfolds, letting my intuition lead the way so I may feel like a child again.

I wish for the love of another to fully accept my light and darkness. So I can share the dreams in my heart and receive a soft touch or just a glance that says, I understand.

I wish to go when there is nothing left, when every drop of zest has vanished into the atmosphere and I will leave quietly, peacefully, empty yet fulfilled.

By Kayley Easterbrook