A Swing At Nature Is A Swing At The Future

James Gray


A swing at nature
is a swing at the future


Karthik Parthasarathy


“Save trees!”, they say.
Little do they know,
The trees need no saving,
We do, though.
Destroying the source of our breath,
Not the way for us to survive.
I wish we realize,
Save humans by saving trees,
The way to go.


Cedric NaVon


When the ax entered the forest, 
the trees said, 
“Look, the handle is one of us!”. 
Be very conscious my fellow beings, 
our actions today 
can impact our future 
in an unimaginable fashion
Rinku Shah


Regret on the hindsight,
Is today’s plight
For every wedge you chop,
There needs to be a stop.
The attack is on the oxygen supply,
Rules of Karma will apply!


Sherry Greene


Be careful who you are cutting.
The wounds you create
May be your own.


Jon Ryan Legaspi


Nurture nature
for your future

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