A Morning Text Could Mean So Much


A Morning Text Could Mean So Much

A Morning Text could mean so much. Did you ever think about it too ?

13 responses to “A Morning Text Could Mean So Much”

  1. Brittani Dease Avatar

    Tera Russell ♡♡♡

    1. Tera Russell Avatar

      I think about you tooooo

  2. Gita Widya Avatar

    Jeremy Anderson

  3. Natasha Paul Raj Avatar

    ️Hahahah love you *wiped tears and blows nose* . True that Jessie Koh

  4. Jessie Koh Avatar

    Natasha Paul Raj doesn't matter if others count but ours does. ☺️

  5. Enaj Yram Avatar

    24/7 when i wake up in the morning, at night and in the middle of the night.
    can't you see and feel how dear you are to me. and here you are giving me reasons to get confuse

  6. Elle Aime Avatar

    These little details, these attentive thoughts make a relationship. Absolutely stays with you.

  7. Renu Gariya Avatar

    My first gudmrrng mag nd meah last gudnyt msg only for you ..

    Harsh Girdhar

  8. Kevin Martin Avatar

    after dreams spent wandering hand in hand…

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