A Beastful Beauty

A Beastful Beauty

It takes a free spirit with a passionate mind to see the beauty of a beast; an eye that sees through the surface and knows what matters… she sees her reflection in him, she hears her heartbeats in his roar… she feels alive in his presence and finds her freedom every-time he attempts to lock her.

She worked it all out on her own, until she met him and he got out of her what she didn’t know existed… their energies together made things happen for them like they never thought possible!

She rediscovered herself through his toughness and he reinvented himself through her affection!

The beauty of this is that it is not an average fairy tale but rather about seeing beyond features and colors, it is about the pride that comes with the scars and how genuine acceptance and love truly heal and make and save lives 🙂

Together he becomes her beauty and she his beast!


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