6 degrees of separation, that is all it takes.

 Karleen Hilton
6 degrees of separation,
that is all it takes.
To bring together lovers
often drawn from fate.
How is it that we can become one,
to breathe the same,
to last until the dying sun.
And now it’s just the same,
6 degrees, is how it ends,
as it had begun!


 Erna Duspara
Shadows of the past,
the writing is on the wall.
A once indestructible love,
used to stand ever so tall.
What happened to our love?
Why did it suddenly die?
Like strangers in the street,
we just keep on walking by.
Henry Vincent
Hiding in shadows
where we don’t belong,
the misfortune of opportunity
of what could have been.
 Jeanae Tuchon
Take the chance
make the opportunity!
Make every possibility
a delicious experience!
Leave no room for regret
in the shadows of
your heart and mind.
 Karthik Parthasarathy
We have never met,
Hardly know about each other,
Complete strangers.
Yet, a strong connect exists.
Possibly from beyond this birth.
Soul twins, maybe. Or a soul sibling.?
What’s in a name?
A rose by any other name
would smell as sweet.
 Rinku Shah
It was like magic,
Done with all that was tragic.
A subtle alchemy.
And I thought soul connections were blasphemy.
The Universe conspired for our paths to cross,
Souls have no calendars, clocks, gain or loss.
They only know it feels right with one another.
SOULMATES and no other!


Carol Quimpan
Some would be strangers to each other,
But if meant to be together.
The universe will conspire,
A king and queen
will have their own empire.
Debra L Laing
The shadows of our past memories
may still embrace whenever we meet,
but in reality you are now
only someone that I used to know.
Sulekha Pande
No one meets by chance,
we meet for a purpose,
it’s either a blessing,
or a lesson for lifetime.
Nancy Shurkoff
From the depths of the shadows,
our love emerges.


Frankie Crabtree
My soul would have
recognized yours anywhere.

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