10 Things Your Enemies Can Teach You

10 Things Your Enemies Can Teach You

Enemy is such a harsh word, don’t you think? Sure; there are people you disagree with. But can you really call them your enemies? Well, when people try to lower your morals, hurt you, and bring you down, then yes – we’re talking about enemies. You cannot be loved by everyone, no matter how hard you try.

Look at Anne Hathaway. She’s absolutely perfect. She is beautiful, she is a great actress, and she always has the perfect answers in interviews. Still, the public hatred burst against her has been going on for years. This happens to everyone – some people don’t like us and we can’t see a particular reason.

But you know what? You can learn from these episodes of hatred directed your way.

  1. Enemies Teach You the Most Important Lesson: You’re Far from Perfect

Let’s say you posted something on Reddit. You just expressed an opinion, but it offended someone. Then, the hate started pouring in. You’re getting comments from people you don’t even know. They put all your flaws under a microscope. People are brave like that, especially when acting from behind a screen.

How do you respond to this?

  • You may ignore this criticism. You may continue living in your perfect little world, thinking you’re perfect and the haters don’t understand you. Or:
  • Recognize your own flaws and work on them. We’re not saying you should be hurt by comments that trolls post on your Instagram selfies. We’re just saying that when someone stands up as a real enemy, you should search for the reason behind that attitude. You’ll find that you’re not perfect. That’s the first lesson to learn.
  1. “An Elevated Spirit is Weak and a Low Spirit Is Weak.”

That’s a quote by Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Japanese samurai. He added something to it: “Do not let the enemy see your spirit.”

When you get in a discussion with someone who criticizes you, you may heat up and show an elevated spirit. You’ll yell, you’ll offend… you’ll just give them more reasons to hate you. You might also start crying and show all your weaknesses. That’s equally as bad.

The way of the warrior is pretty clear: you should stay focused in your intentions. In discussions, you must lay out your arguments in a calm, confident manner, without really showing your spirit.

  1. They Test Your Limits

Do you consider yourself to be a kind and loving person? Well, enemies test your limits. If you find it difficult to forgive them, then you’re not as loving as you thought you were. Enemies teach you about unconditional love. If you can truly forgive and let the past go, you’re working towards a better self.

  1. They Reflect Your Flaws

Maybe you’re the one who hates. You dislike someone although they didn’t do anything wrong. It’s probably because you see them as similar to yourself in one way or another.

What do you think?

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Written by Joseph McLean

Joseph McLean changed his life after discovering the concept of mindfulness. Every moment means something! He spends his days in assignment writing, blogging, reading, and making meaningful connections with people.

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