Demi Rothberg

Jargon Of Love

Jargon Of Love It’s suddenly transparent that I’m no longer a dreamer. The vitality of our partnership prevails over apprehension.

Invigorating light

Invigorating light I’ll massage your brain waves until they resemble the low tide that you listen to, Collecting your thoughts in reverence


Tears I've been up all night contemplating why I'm writing poems that you'd never speak. Got my gear in driving, pushing full-throttle screaming I am weak.

Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life Thank you for the key to one of your secret layers. I promise I won't let it out of sight. Not anything could tempt me, not even in spite.

Lost Sorrows

The lost sorrows of the universe have found a shell in me to encompass them.

Solar Eclipse

Do not cast someone aside who has fallen from Grace. The light that has once burned brightly is not gone, it is still there. They are just going through a solar eclipse.


I was so busy living my dream, I forgot to come back to reality.


To be awakened means to drown in your overflowing subconscious. 


I wish I could take back the memories you penetrated into my soul. 

A Chemist

I cradle your feelings back to sleep as I lie awake monitoring your serotonin and dopamine as a chemist.

Nicer Together

I never needed him; I wanted him, because life suddenly became nicer to live together.


I may not have hit the ground, running.