Wajid Nabi

Wajid Nabi is an author of several books including Paradox Killer, Hallucination and What Makes A Teacher, He is teacher and writer by profession and relationship coach. He is also finance guide help people in managing their assets.

Two Sides Of Moon

Just wait for the day The miracle will betide Don’t focus on light Moon have two sides Let the love happen But things takes timeThe two roads to go

You Lay Under The Sun

You sleep in your room,You lay under the sun,You all have a lot to do,You sleep with nothing done,Take a look at yourself,Just be honest and think

The Late Confessions

From feeling of love and then broken inside having mood swings and anxiety attacks and depression. The Late Confessions...

Thorns and Roses

Beauty from the ashes,Beauty from the choas,In the dolour,full darkness.

Life As An Anti-Social

Being anti-social as looked from different perspective isn’t negative dogma , Life As An Anti-Social. The Minds journal