John Kim - The Angry Therapist

John Kim, author of "I Used To Be A Miserable F*ck", founder of The Angry Therapist, and co-founder, has pioneered online life coaching six years ago when he started helping people in unconventional ways. The Angry Therapist now has hundreds of thousands of followers and his podcast over 2 million downloads. He sends out daily texts and runs live Zoom self betterment groups.

The Relationship Agreement: Sign Before Investing

LOVE HARD CLAUSE: Two people in an intimate relationship draft and sign on a contract that acts as a medium for honest conversation. If you have no idea about it, here is a relationship agreement for you. Sign before investing!

The Problem With Love Today

At the same time, we complain. It’s hard to love today. Or is it? Because love has not changed. We have.

You Have to Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else – Why It Won’t Work For You?

The way we learn to love ourselves is through other people and the relationships we have with them.